In the beginning…

When I first began my tech journey I was very much into hardware. As a kid I thought building computers would be a viable option as a career and I enjoyed it, so I really thought I had it all figured out. As you can imagine, much to my dismay as I became older and the construction of home computers became simpler than ever that option quickly lost it’s appeal. After all, if anyone can do it why would they hire me to do it for them? So, my next step was coding. As a youngster I quickly became frustrated with coding as there were not nearly as many nice tutorials as there are today and I didn’t have the resources or wherewithal  as a kid to ask around. Mind you coding is no easy feat, even as an adult I become frustrated and find myself taking breaks sometimes, more often than I care to admit. My next step was support, tech support that it. As I starting getting into my teen years I had a few jobs where customer service was involved. This skill would come to serve as one my #1 selling points when trying to find a career in support. I would come to find out though, that finding a technical support position was not as easy as my high school counselors had cracked it up to be.

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