Post High School Life

I honestly never planned on going to college, I wasn’t a big fan of school in general and I was making fairly decent money at my job. I am also a firm believer a person should be judged based upon their experience and knowledge rather than a piece of paper. However, circumstances led me to choosing to pursue higher education. I’m not going to mention the school by name here, if you do any research into me it won’t be hard to find out, but let’s just say I don’t feel as if I received the education I’m now repaying and a lot was promised to me that I never received. So, as you can imagine I was completely disillusioned with my secondary education at this point. ¬†However, I had my associates degree so I started my search and to my surprise and contrary to what everyone told me, finding a job in tech whether it’s customer support, software, network support, security, etc. is a lot more difficult than it sounds.